Monday, June 23, 2014

Tiger Woods' return could not come at a better time

I'll go ahead and say it since nobody else is going to:
This PGA Tour season has sucked.
The US Open was one massive blowout, Phil Mickelson still doesn't have a top 10 finish, and you could argue that the most dramatic thing that's happened all season involved Patrick Reed and a video camera.
Even the second nine on Sunday at the Masters -- as foolproof an event as we have in golf -- was a letdown.
There have been nine first-time winners on tour this season.
That's great for those guys but not great for golf. This is a sport that, like the NBA, is built upon the backs of its stars -- and other than Bubba Watson the American contingent has taken a fat tardy in showing up for the 2013-14 season.
All of this, however, is why it's the perfect time for Tiger Woods to re-introduce himself to the golf world. His return has suddenly made the lull between the US and British Opens must-see TV for golf fans and the rest of the season relevant.
You saw the numbers for the US Open, didn't you? It got a rating that was tripled by soccer. Tripled! By soccer!

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